• Healing man ,walking the Red Heart road


    Mallku Yerpún Solar

  • Mallku Yerpún Solar

    About me!

    I am.....

    II am the man who wakes up himself and who shares the experience received from the instruction of my soul


    I am the one who dares to awaken the courage that lives in my heart to recognize the balance of which we are made


    I am the creation and creator of a masculine and feminine force that remembers, cleanses, reconciles and reconnects to understand and love again


    I am a man of knowledge; adult professional, householder, holistic healer (shaman), bearer of the peace-pipe (chanupa) of the red road


    I am......


    Sun Dancer and Vision Quest.


    Authentic! Without claiming to be what is not…


    Becoming an consultant and companion of individual therapeutic processes from his eighteen –years-old


    Soul’s an spiritual Doctor


    Artist, painter, writer, poet, therapeutic singer


    Bio-builder, visionary dreamer and creator of a beautiful dream on earth


    Expert into Temascal-Ritual with a long career, depositary of the blessings of the red road


    Healer and Palero


    Great silent connoisseur of human secrets


    Tarot visionary seeking the truths hidden in the human unconscious


    Master of ancestral ceremonies and rituals


    Professor in holistic pedagogy. Education 3000


    Creator of projects by and for nature. Activist and defender of ancestral knowledge as a healing tool. Transgenerational Systemic Constellator, Medical Biomagentist, Psychoemotional Biodecoder


    Community leader and responsible for a series of social projects.

    Bioconstructor. Bio Arquitectur-Building


    Founder of the Kausari Foundation; organization for the empowerment of native women and their communities


    Founder of the Amazanga Center; Holistic Healing Center for the human being, mind, body, emotions and spirit, based on the traditional concepts of the shamanic world


    Exhibitor and seminarian with a great career in Europe and Latin America, sharing through these his experience and wisdom

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    Integrated Holistic Healer

    Yerpún Solar during his way; In addition to his purely shamanic experience, has been integrating into his curriculum a series of knowledge that allows him to discover the secrets of the soul every day. To do this, he has gone through different schools, superior institut and Universities that have allowed him to integrate this knowledge with the flavor of his own world view; thus helping thousands of people to find themselves and recover the treasure of health. It also has third and fourth level degrees.


    Sessions are aimed at:



    • Chiropractor with a university degree
    • Diploma and master's degree in functional medicine, university degree
    • kinesiologist higher education
    • unicistic homeopathy
    • Complex homeopathy
    • Expert in orthomolecular medicine
    • Homeopathy of being 
    • Andean Medicine Doctor Institut degree
    • Worldview of indigenous health
    • Transgenerational bio-decoding
    • Expert Ancestral Origin Medicin.
    • Bio-magnetism medical
    • Biological Bio-Decoding
    • Integrative BioNeuroEmotion
    • Applied kinesiology
    • Integrative Systemic Bio-Constellator
    • Organizational systemic constellator
    • Soul coaching
    • Psycho-Shamanic Therapies and Psycho-Rituality
    • University diploma in bioconstruction and natural architecture.


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    Master of Ceremonies and Traditional Retreats of plants of consciousness.


    Yerpún Solar has dedicated his life in commitment and total dedication to his shamanic path. Always motivated to rescue, experiment and practice ancestral knowledge to produce within it a continuous process of changes that have enabled Yerpún to be endowed with a great experience as a visionary healer for more than 25 years.


    He has received immediate instructions from great masters and teachers (shamans) on his way, as well as the direct instruction of knowledge, or in Yerpún's words, of the silent path left by our ancestors, through direct exposure of the encounter of the power of spirit.



    He has participated in hundreds of ceremonies and processes of individualization of the being, which have allowed the opening of a knowledge and vision that are a reality for his life; which he transmits in a simple and effective way to those who seek to understand a little more of that truth that is in their own ways; accepting each one as they are and granting the necessary medicine from their mirrors, so that they can recognize his light and especially his shadow.


    He currently leads shamanic processes in retreats, to come into direct contact with the knowledge of plants and empower apprentices to open up DREAM, which becomes an educational path for the individual's unconscious to heal wounds of the soul in connection with the great power of the spirit or knowledge of the secrets of nature; opening in these the path of the shaman.


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    Founder at Center Amazanga.

    Healing of Energy ,Mind ,Body and Spirit Retreat Center.


    Amazanga it is a natural reserve in the jungle tropical In Ecuador ,in the province of Napo.

    It is a place of connection with and learning from nature. We have dedicated our hearts to the conservation of traditional knowledges, to the native communities (kichwa) and to the tropical jungle.


    The principal purpose of Amazanga (which in kichwa mythology is the jaguar spirit who protects the jungle) is to restore balance and harmony within ourselves as human beings and within the relations to everything surrounding us.


    We have built this place to preserve, recover and practice the ancient knowlege of wise women and men of the Amazon. This goes hand in hand with supporting native communities and protecting the ecosystem.


    We have adapted the ancestral wisdom, which has brought human beings to live in harmony, in order to find this balance in our daily lives.

    We develop theoretical-practical tools which are applicable in all processes of our everyday life, be it within our family, our business, our relationships, friendships, or with ourselves.



  • Life is a beautiful dream and we wake up with love.

    We are mirrors and we find what exists inside,out.

    Our life is like a melody. The sweeter, the more peaceaful we are.

    Our hearts know everythings,it`s impossible to lie to oneself.

    Let´s be good dreamers who create a joint life.

  • A Brushstroke of my way.

    An authentic journey, in which I have immersed myself in the depths of knowing who I am, where I am and where I´m going.

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    Initial steps


    From an early age he has dedicated to spiritual researching. It travels several paths; from the anteroom of Tarot’s wisdom, revealing the secrets of the human unconscious, added to works of holotropic breathing, astral projection and development of intuition, to continue with the imposition of hands and thus be initiated in Reiki until reaching the shamanic wisdom, that received at the hand of the knowledge of ancient medicine; a beautiful path opens up.

    At the age of eighteen, he built the first center for transcendental studies in Chile, where patients are still received for consultations.

    He made by spiritual call and, without support, more than that of his own heart; to carry out vision searches in the deserts of northern Chile. Fasting and silent processes for four days. This was carried out in different seasons each year.


    He met and trained as Temazcalero; for years later, to find the wise guardians of traditions on his way.

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    Through dream instruction and personal self-empowerment, he follows the path of ceremonial ritual with plants of expansion of consciousness. Finding his mentor; the Shaman José Illescas (Tata Illapa); who motivates him to continue his instruction with San Pedro in the deserts of Chile and Bolivian and Peruvian highlands.

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    He steadily lived in Peru for six years; there he created his community and dedicated himself to carrying out an arduous shamanic learning; in charge of different instructors and from the active participation in hundreds of ceremonies by the wise grandparents of the path of knowledge.


    He made many bio shamanic diets, accumulating in this season more than two years in total.

    He studied with various shamans such as Don Benito Arévalo, Don G. Ojanama, Don G. Panduro, Don Solon Tello, Don Ignacio T, Don Julio Paukar, among others

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    Vision Quest and

    Sun Dancing.


    Listen to the call and invitation by shamans to participate in the pursuit of vision and dances of the sun of the red road where he assists and ritualizes with other members and dancers.


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    Ancestrals retreats And Chamanic Diets plants.


    He dedicates these years to the straight instruction that his professors gave him through dieting processes or retreats in the Amazon Jungle; process in isolation of people and relationships of extreme austerity of food excluded from salt, sugars, fats, meats, condiments; only master plants are considered.

    Path that he continued more occasionally for the following years and which is currently a great tool to open soul healing processes.


    He has gathered in different diets a little more than three years in its entirety, distributed in a large diet of a little more than a year in total isolation and continued its process until completing two years. Previously, he made countless short diets between one to three months, after 2007 he continued to do personal diets annually from one month to three months.


    He works and studies with various shamans such as Don Luis Chumbi, Don Bosco Chumbi, Don Manuel Armando Andi, Don Luis Chimbo, among others.


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    Tours, conferences, seminars, workshops and private consultations

    2007-2010 - 2010-2020

    He constantly travels to Europe and immerses himself in new knowledge such as diets application in the forests of Europe. He performs shamanic consultations and dedicates himself to the attention of people through consultations, as well as to the direction of processes of consciousness through rituals and initiations in Spain, Switzerland and later to stand out in Germany and Austria.


    He has performed an uncountable amount of Temazcales, Ceremonies and Rituals; helping many people to awaken great healing processes.

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    Amazanga Center’s Founder in Ecuador


    Center of healing of the being for the understanding of the soul; applying traditional and holistic integrative methods.


    Area created by its founder through dreams since 2006.


    Amazanga, center where Yerpún provides consultations and constantly creates an evolutionary space for the human being; where it helps you discover your true bond with nature.





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    Kausari Foundation’s founder and Social Project;

    Trees of Life , Ecuador


    Kausari Foundation. Initiative to create rescue and nature conservation strategies; linking the empowerment of Quichuas women.


    “Life trees, Ecuador” is an awareness space to create sustainable support strategies for a diversity of projects with the Kuisuas communities of the Alto Napo in Ecuador. Projects that help us rescue forests and ancestral medicines, threatened by indiscriminate logging and abuse by mining companies.


    “Life trees, Ecuador” is a project that was originally born from the Kausari Foundation, and later delegated to a select group of friends, returning Yerpún Solar to empower itself to give it continuity and legitimate commitment.











  • Remote Treatments (on-line)

    It´s Possible, You can ,You deserve it!

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    Bioenergetic and biomagnetismo -Healing.
    Remote treatments

    on-line option

    Healing over a distance is the healer’s ability to be able to help other people even if they are not present. For this, Yerpún Solar uses the help of another volunteer in the place that acts as an antenna or bridge. Through this, a thorough search and treatment of the consulting person is carried out; feeling the effects of improvement within 24 hours.


    How does remote energy work?


    The energy moves through a wave movement until it reaches the person, travels through time and distance (the time that separates us is nothing more than an illusion) reaching the person beyond the physical and / or energetic situation that is going through.


    How does remote healing occur?


    Because when you focus and you know how to visualize and use your attention to transform reality; then thought becomes a kind of antenna, which emits signals or energy towards the focused object.
    And with this; you can heal not only your body and your reality, but the energy and body of others. No matter where you are, the signal to where the healing and vibration is sent can receive and feel its results.


    Book an appointment

    On the agreed day and time you must have WhatsApp or Skype and we will have a brief talk in English.


    You lie down and Yerpún at the same time with the person (antenna) will channel the session, doing a complete scan and solving the conflict. At the end of the session, he will immediately share with you what has occurred during the session. You will feel the result and you will see a manifestation of equilibrium and balance.


    Request more information and book the appointment!


    If you want to experiment, separate your appointment now!


    Online sessions are through WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype, (video calls)

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    Accompaniment sessions

    Present option and

    on-line option

    Yerpún Solar has a long history and experience on its shamanic path; this is an opportunity to approach to receive a deeper understanding.


    The Psycho-shaman-therapy session opens us to a holistic and accurate vision of each of our processes, we understand the roots and find new meanings to what happens to us.

    These sessions are the approach of an understanding to have a greater understanding for your soul.


    During this session about an hour and a half, you will be provided with tools to recover your well-being and improve your living standard.


    Online sessions will be through WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype using the Video-Call option


    How does the On-line connection work?


    Closer to you!


    1. Book an appointment

    2. Contact Yerpún to WhatsApp at 00593 987036659 in your language and set an appointment in advance

    3. Online payment: pay by bank transfer or by credit, debit or PayPal.

    4. If you require translation; we have and it will be added to your payment. Then we’ll send you back the payment receipt.

    5. Through video call: on the assigned day and time, we connect through Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp, and you could receive your session.

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    Bio sessions For your family relations.

    where are the disorders,vision for the solution.

    Present option and

    on-line option

    Yerpún solar will accompany you during this session to get into a deep understanding of your soul, regarding all the resonances that bind you to each of your relationships with respect to your clan of ancestors (family). You will be able to recognize the causes of the repetitions of conflicts and how these resonances of the echoes of the past continue to manifest themselves in your health at different levels of consciousness; either in the form physical, psychological, energetic and spiritual.


    Through different tools, Yerpún, during this session will lead you to have a new vision and help you to see with the eyes of your heart.


    Book an appointment

  • How does the on line connection work?

    closer to you.


    Book an appointment

    Contact Yerpún to WhatsApp at 00593 987036659 in your language and set an appointment in advance


    Pay on line

    Online payment: pay by bank transfer or by credit, debit or PayPal.

    If you require translation; we have and it will be added to your payment. Then we’ll send you back the payment receipt.


    on line

    video call

    Through video call: on the assigned day and time, we connect through Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp, and you could receive your session.

  • Testimonies & Recommendations.

    Words of some friends and consultants,

    Thanks you ,for Trusting.

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    In den 3.5 Wochen, die ich im Amazanga Centro ,mit Yerpún Solar, verbracht habe, konnte ich unglaubliche Erfahrungen sammeln. Es vergeht kein Tag an dem ich mich nicht an diese Zeit zurück erinnere und mir wünsche wieder an diesem friedvollen Ort zu sein.

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    Gerson Andi

    Political Lieutenant


    appreciate the natural treatment received from my friend Mallku Solar to treat Corona Virus.



    After a couple of days, all symptoms like cough, body aches, fever, and stomach pain; disappeared!



    I thank him for having cared for all the members of my family.


    I recommend his treatments. Proven Efficacy

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    Ana silva.B

    Wife and mother - 37 years


    More than a year after my son gave birth, I started to swallow mucus; all day long I felt anxiety in my stomach.

    Yerpún Solar attended to me, diagnosed me and treated me; relief was immediate. So I could see how my anxiety was completely cured. I will always be grateful for helping me.


    Many thanks

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    Rafael Rubio

    District Education Teacher - Napo


    I thank Mallku Y. Solar for the treatment received. My health was in poor condition; I could not walk or move. It was very painful; my back had to be operated. So I attended the sessions and he told me that the next day I would feel better. I was incredulous but hopefully I had a second session again. After that, I felt in 90% better. An evil that plagued me for years, he knew how to cure it within a week; in just three sessions.

    Forever grateful.

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    Marcia Malucin

    Housewife. Enterprising

    Tena .Napo


    A few years ago I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary; In addition to the inconvenience, the experts in scientific medicine assured me that I would never have children again.


    It was then that after two sessions with Mallku Yerpún Solar, there was such improvement that shortly after having healed myself from the ovaries issue, I was able to have a beautiful son.


    I will always remember

    Thank you

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    Benjamin Mamallacta

    Botanical Reserve Director at TAMIA YURA



    Tena .Napo

    coronavirus, the symptoms were horrible. However, the medicinal treatment that our friend Mallku Yerpún Solar gave us was 100% effective. The next day I began to feel better and within 48 hours recovered from all symptoms.


    Many thanks

  • Ancestral Medicine Retreat

    Go into the power of your dream, access your nature


    Ancestral Medicine Retreat, Diet of Master Plants


    Amazonia Journey, Ecuador.



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