Doctor in Traditional Ancestral Medicine,

    Complementary and Integrative.


  • Mallku Yerpún Solar

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    About me!

    Welcome to my personal space, where health meets ancestral wisdom and bio-integrative innovation. I am an Ancestral Medicine Doctor and Bio-Integrative Therapist, with diverse training from various prestigious schools, academies, and universities.


    With over 25 years of experience in the healing field, my approach focuses on discovering and understanding the deep-rooted causes of health imbalances.


    My journey in the field of medicine has allowed me to explore various perspectives and healing methods, enabling me to integrate traditional and contemporary techniques to offer a holistic and personalized approach to each of my patients. Every day, I dedicate myself to understanding the underlying conflicts that manifest in both physical imbalances and various fields of consciousness.


    I invite you to explore how we can work together to restore your balance and well-being, promoting true and comprehensive health. Discover more about my approach and how I can help you achieve your full physical and psycho-emotional potential.
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    Integrated Holistic Healer

    Yerpún Solar in his journey; beyond his vast experience in the field of indigenous ancestral medicine, has enriched his resume with a diversity of knowledge that allows him to unravel the mysteries of the psyche in each of his treatments. He has gone through various educational institutions, from professional schools to universities, which has enabled him to merge this knowledge with the essence of his unique holistic perspective. This integrative approach has allowed him to help thousands of people rediscover themselves and recover the invaluable treasure of health. Additionally, he holds third and fourth level academic degrees.


    Sessions are aimed at:



    Doctor of ancestral medicine,University degree.
    Chiropractor with a University degree.
    Inca Osteopraxia diplomatura.
    Diploma and master's degree in functional medicine, university degree.
    Specialization in Biological Medicine.
    kinesiologist higher education.
    Unicistic homeopathy.
    Complex homeopathy.
    Expert in orthomolecular medicine.
    Homeopathy of being.
    Andean Medicine Doctor Institut degree.
    Worldview of indigenous health.
    Transgenerational bio-decoding.
    Expert Ancestral Origin Medicin.
    Bio-magnetism medical. Dr goiz sistem.
    Biological Bio-Decoding.
    Integrative BioNeuroEmotion.
    Applied kinesiology.
    Integrative Systemic Bio-Constellator.
    Organizational systemic constellator.
    Soul coaching.
    Psycho-Shamanic Therapies and Psycho-Rituality.
    University stydy in bioconstruction and natural architecture.


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    Ancestral Medicine.


    Yerpún Solar has dedicated his life with deep commitment to his path as an ancestral healer. Driven by the desire to rescue, experience, and practice the ancient knowledge passed down by millennia-old cultures, he has undergone a continuous process of transformation, providing him with over 25 years of experience as a visionary healer.


    He has been directly instructed by great sages, receiving essential teachings along his path, as well as the knowledge transmitted in what Yerpún calls the "silent path" of our ancestors, learned through direct contact with the power of the spirit.


    He has participated in hundreds of ceremonies and processes that facilitate the individualization of the being, opening doors to knowledge and visions that today form the reality of his life. He shares these insights clearly and effectively with those who seek to delve deeper into that truth inherent in their own paths, accepting each person as they are and offering the medicine that reflects their own needs, helping them to recognize both their light and their shadow.


    Currently, Yerpún leads personal transformation retreats where he facilitates direct contact with the knowledge of plants and empowers participants to explore their dreams, an educational path that allows the individual's unconscious to heal the soul's wounds in connection with the great power of the spirit that resides within us.


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    Founder at Center Amazanga.

    Healing of Energy ,Mind ,Body and Spirit Retreat Center.


    Amazanga it is a natural reserve in the jungle tropical In Ecuador ,in the province of Napo.

    It is a place of connection with and learning from nature. We have dedicated our hearts to the conservation of traditional knowledges, to the native communities (kichwa) and to the tropical jungle.


    The principal purpose of Amazanga (which in kichwa mythology is the jaguar spirit who protects the jungle) is to restore balance and harmony within ourselves as human beings and within the relations to everything surrounding us.


    We have built this place to preserve, recover and practice the ancient knowlege of wise women and men of the Amazon. This goes hand in hand with supporting native communities and protecting the ecosystem.


    We have adapted the ancestral wisdom, which has brought human beings to live in harmony, in order to find this balance in our daily lives.

    We develop theoretical-practical tools which are applicable in all processes of our everyday life, be it within our family, our business, our relationships, friendships, or with ourselves.



  • Life is a beautiful dream and we wake up with love.

    We are mirrors and we find what exists inside,out.

    Our life is like a melody. The sweeter, the more peaceaful we are.

    Our hearts know everythings,it`s impossible to lie to oneself.

    Let´s be good dreamers who create a joint life.

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    Author of the Best Seller "Finding the Path: Keys to Ancestral Medicine (Spanish Edition)"

    "Finding the Path" is undoubtedly an inspiring book that will lead us through reflection and awareness. Mallku Yerpún Solar shares his experience from walking alongside wise shamans and their knowledge in the vibrant indigenous communities of America, revealing the keys to ancestral medicine. "Finding the Path" will guide us to reconnect with existential answers from an ancestral perspective, questioning whether there is a destiny, what the path is, what my path is, where we come from, and what our purposes are. It will take us on a journey to understand our own roots and thereby listen to the voices of our ancestors. We will discover the relationship between the life we lead and weave day by day with the echoes of our ancestors, understanding how these memories continue to enslave us to the internal sufferings we have created. We will find a clear and renewed vision to understand what separates us from ourselves and gradually takes us away from our true purposes. It will help us to remember the memory and thereby understand what I have forgotten. Throughout the book, beautiful clues will be left that will be revealed to understand how to empower ourselves to build the life we want and not be dragged by secondary and false voices. These keys of ancestral medicine will help us to practice a path of freedom, to continue discovering the colors of our deepest truth. "Finding the Path" will lead us to understand how to embrace our shadows, to comprehend what I do not accept about myself and lead us to conquer and thereby transcend our own wars. Mallku Yerpún Solar will leave us seven clues to not lose ourselves again from the responsibility of building our own lives. "Finding the Path" is a book that will help you understand and listen to your own voice, a voice to delve into the true path of healing and self-knowledge.

  • Remote and Precensial Treatments,

    on-line option include.

    It´s Possible, You can ,You deserve it!

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    Kinesiology and biomagnetismo -Healing.
    Present and Remote treatments

    on-line option

    Kinesiology, derived from the Greek term "kinesis" meaning movement, is a branch of medicine focused on the study of bodily movement. This field examines how muscles and their responses can be manipulated to identify disorders and diagnose problem areas. Through this technique, it is possible to pinpoint the specific location of a disorder, its origin—whether physical, emotional, among others—and assess whether the supporting systems, such as the circulatory or nervous systems, are affected.


    Kinesiology was conceived in the 1930s, but it was not until the 1960s that George Goodheart established and expanded it as a comprehensive methodology. This discipline not only considers the physical aspects of movement but also seeks to activate the body's "internal physician," enabling a holistic approach that integrates the mental and emotional state of the patient to identify and treat health issues more effectively.


    I use kinesiology as an effective tool for tracking and diagnosing various pathologies that manifest in the physical body. Understanding that the body acts as a storehouse of unconscious information, we can access the true source of data that our body holds. This allows us to identify the deepest causes of health issues, paving the way for their resolution and release. During a session, improvement is possible through the application of a series of complementary techniques that enable us to effectively address and resolve these underlying causes or disorders.




    Request more information and book the appointment!


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    Online sessions are through WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype, (video calls)

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    Accompaniment sessions

    Present option and

    on-line option

    Yerpún Solar has a long history and experience on its Ancestral indigenous path; this is an opportunity to approach to receive a deeper understanding.


    The Psycho-Ancestral-Therapy session opens us to a holistic and accurate vision of each of our processes, we understand the roots and find new meanings to what happens to us.

    These sessions are the approach of an understanding to have a greater understanding for your soul.


    During this session about an hour and a half, you will be provided with tools to recover your well-being and improve your living standard.


    Online sessions will be through WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype using the Video-Call option


    How does the On-line connection work?


    Closer to you!


    1. Book an appointment
    2. Contact Yerpún to WhatsApp at 00593 987036659 in your language and set an appointment in advance
    3. Online payment: pay by bank transfer or by credit, debit or PayPal.
    4. If you require translation; we have and it will be added to your payment. Then we’ll send you back the payment receipt.

    5. Through video call: on the assigned day and time, we connect through Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp, and you could receive your session.
  • How does the on line connection work?

    closer to you.


    Book an appointment

    Contact Yerpún to WhatsApp at 00593 987036659 in your language and set an appointment in advance


    Pay on line

    Online payment: pay by bank transfer or by credit, debit or PayPal.

    If you require translation; we have and it will be added to your payment. Then we’ll send you back the payment receipt.


    on line

    video call

    Through video call: on the assigned day and time, we connect through Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp, and you could receive your session.

  • Testimonies & Recommendations.

    Words of some friends and consultants,

    Thanks you ,for Trusting.

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    Ana silva.B

    Wife and mother - 37 years


    More than a year after my son gave birth, I started to swallow mucus; all day long I felt anxiety in my stomach.

    Yerpún Solar attended to me, diagnosed me and treated me; relief was immediate. So I could see how my anxiety was completely cured. I will always be grateful for helping me.


    Many thanks

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    Rafael Rubio

    District Education Teacher - Napo


    I thank Mallku Y. Solar for the treatment received. My health was in poor condition; I could not walk or move. It was very painful; my back had to be operated. So I attended the sessions and he told me that the next day I would feel better. I was incredulous but hopefully I had a second session again. After that, I felt in 90% better. An evil that plagued me for years, he knew how to cure it within a week; in just three sessions.

    Forever grateful.

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    Marcia Malucin

    Housewife. Enterprising

    Tena .Napo


    A few years ago I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary; In addition to the inconvenience, the experts in scientific medicine assured me that I would never have children again.


    It was then that after two sessions with Mallku Yerpún Solar, there was such improvement that shortly after having healed myself from the ovaries issue, I was able to have a beautiful son.


    I will always remember

    Thank you

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    In den 3.5 Wochen, die ich im Amazanga Centro ,mit Yerpún Solar, verbracht habe, konnte ich unglaubliche Erfahrungen sammeln. Es vergeht kein Tag an dem ich mich nicht an diese Zeit zurück erinnere und mir wünsche wieder an diesem friedvollen Ort zu sein.

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    Gerson Andi

    Political Lieutenant


    appreciate the natural treatment received from my friend Mallku Solar to treat Corona Virus.



    After a couple of days, all symptoms like cough, body aches, fever, and stomach pain; disappeared!



    I thank him for having cared for all the members of my family.


    I recommend his treatments. Proven Efficacy

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    Benjamin Mamallacta

    Botanical Reserve Director at TAMIA YURA



    Tena .Napo

    coronavirus, the symptoms were horrible. However, the medicinal treatment that our friend Mallku Yerpún Solar gave us was 100% effective. The next day I began to feel better and within 48 hours recovered from all symptoms.


    Many thanks

  • Ancestral Medicine Retreat

    Go into the power of your dream, access your nature


    Ancestral Medicine Retreat, Diet of Master Plants


    Amazonia Journey, Ecuador.



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